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Oli Shell
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Jual Oli Shell

Spesifikasi Oli Shell

Jual Oli Pelumas Shell, Tellus S2m 32, Tellus S2m 46, Tellus S2m 68, Tellus S2m 100, Tellus S2m 150, Tellus S2m 220, Turbo T 32, Turbo T46, Turbo T68, Turbo T100, Turbo T150, Thermia B, Diala B.

 Cara Pembayaran     Transfer Bank ( T/ T) , Tunai, Cek Bank
 Kemas & Pengiriman     Drum, Pail
 Negara Asal     Inggris
 Oli dan Pelumas Hydraulic
 Tellus S2 M 22
 Tellus S2 M 32
 Tellus S2 M 46
 Tellus S2 M 68
 Tellus Oils Are Compatible With Most Pumps.However, Please Consult Your Shell Sipc Tellus Page 2 Of 3 03/ 08/ 2006 Representative Before Using In Pumps Containing Silver Plated Components Seal & Paint Compatibility Tellus Oils Are Compatible With All Seal Materials And Paints Normally Specified For Use
 With Mineral Oils. 

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